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Central park puppies is one of the reputable pet stores based in New York which sells a wide range of best-quality puppies. They have a physical and online store where the customers can check all the details of the puppy they want to purchase.

Understand the problem

With the coronavirus pandemic, the owner of CPP needed a better way to approach his buyers because, at that time, there were travel restrictions which could lead businesses to lose their customers and sell. Especially for companies like this, where the customer must visit the shop, check the item or service they need to buy, and verify before making the purchase decision. To make sure the customers can have the best experience throughout online shopping, He wanted to redesign his old store website. Here are the two main issues that I discovered on the old website.

UIs are not up to date

The website isn’t up to date and aligns with current UI trends, which makes the site looks unattractive.

Lack of details

Even though the site shows many details about the company and puppies, more is needed to convince a buyer. Sections like customer testimonials and seeing more puppies’ images are necessary.


I did an entire website redesign by taking the existing website content structure as a baseline. Throughout the design process, I’ve added some sections that I thought were good. We had to rewrite the website content according to the new layout. I also had to refine the images to match the UI. I made the new design fully mobile responsive. During this process, there’s one more thing that I had to pay attention to. That was the brand identity. CPP had its brand guideline, and I didn’t want to change them. But I did some refinements to make it more usable, and with that help, I created many more unique designs for this project. Here are a couple of pages that I’ve done.

Home page redesign

Puppy details page redesign

cpp style guideline
Style guide


The timeline for this redesign was one and a half months, and I could deliver the new UIs within the due dates. Once the designs were done, I handed them to the development team with all the necessary things they wanted so that process also went smoothly. The feedback we received from users was extremely positive and beyond our expectations. And also, the new UI gained more customer attraction and significant growth in sales than we expected. Thank you for reading through! I hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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