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singx web portal redesign by shajee amaan


SingX is a cross-border payment platform that allows users to make instant payments to over 170 countries under low fees than regular banks. Also, they provide services like allowing users to recharge their mobile phones worldwide and pay utility bills back home. Apart from that, SingX provides a bunch of services for businesses, such as payments for imports and exports, offers embedded finance solutions to cloud workforce platforms & mass payment solutions to corporates. The company is headquartered in Singapore while running live operations in 2 major financial centers, Hong kong & Australia.  

Understand the problem

Here are the issues that I’ve identified once checking their existing web portal

Issues with user flow

There were some issues with the current user flow, which could need to be clarified for users. Also, their registration process is lengthy, and instructions may need to be clarified for some users. 

Poor UIs 

UIs are outdated and have no coherent structure to design and build the current system. 

Identifying the users

The target audience for this product is people who live or work in Singapore and want to do overseas transactions like sending money to someone outside of Singapore or paying their overseas utility bills. The Platform uses two types of verification to check the legibility of the user.


Ultimate goal of this revamp was to,

  • Redesign the screens with better visual appeal.
  • Simplyfy the registering process.

The solution

One of their consern was to use brand colors as much as possible and thats what they've done before. But I realized thats not good for visual appealing specially because of their color palette. So I’ve designed a new style guideline for the website and used it to redesign all the screens and enhance the visual appeal while fixing the user flow issues I’ve found before. I was able to simplify the account creation flow and account top-up. The new designs were based on proper design guidelines to ensure consistency throughout the screens. The old design doesn’t strong enough to make the trustworthiness of their customers and I was able to bring that to the new designs. It’s much more clean and modern looking than the old designs. Here you can see some of the screen comparisons between the old and the new screens I’ve done. 

Singx dashboard redesign
Old vs New dashboard design

manager sender screen redesign
Old vs New manage sender page

transaction history redesign
Old vs New transaction history page


The biggest challenge was simplifying the account creation process without losing any essential functions and letting users feel the length of the process. Therefore I had to recreate the entire account creation flow by merging some sections and was able to create a whole new journey for that. The rest of the process was pretty straightforward. I had to work closely with the client to finalize the screens. Thank you for reading through! I hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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