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Chorz app ui ux design by shajee amaan


Chorz is an app marketplace where professional cleaners can find jobs on demand. Service providers can create their profiles by adding relevant details. At the same time, house owners/ people who need to get done a specific job have to make a simple job order by adding the relevant information. The app will populate those job posts on the service provider’s side based on their preferences.  

Understand the problem

Even though there are multiple applications to find home service providers in that region, they all have the same business modal. The user has to find a service provider themself by searching hours on the platform. Most of them focus on larger-scale work where the service providers can earn big. Therefore people looking to get done with small work are more likely to get missed by them.

So the client came up with this idea where people can simply post the work they want to be done by entering only the relevant details so service providers can take the opportunity. For example, if a person wants to clean their home, he only has to create a job post by entering the property size with rooms and bathroom count. Once published, one service provider close to that location can get the job. This is what we have to sort out from this application and ensure the entire process is very easy to do without wasting too much time.

Identifying the users

We wanted to target two main user categories.

  1. People who want to hire someone to get their work done.
  2. People who want to provide service and earn money.

There can be situations where one person can be the service provider and also looking to get some work done by other professionals.


Since we’ve identified our problems, our goals have been straightforward. All I had to do was,

Refresh the UIs

This was the priority. I had to redesign all the pages that the client provided. Those designs were pretty outdated, and there wasn’t any consistency.

Fix the user experience throughout the design

Both app designs had user journey issues with a lot of complications. I wanted to clean them off and have something where anyone could easily perform the task without a hassle.

Design Process

Due to the time limitation, I decided not to do in-depth research for this application and start listing the key user stories. The client’s idea was to have eight handpicked services for his app. As per the research that he has done, those are the most requested services in his area. I planned to finalize the user stories and then do the wireframes of the main pages.

User flow

Once I finalized which features to prioritize, I created a simple user flow to demonstrate the overall structure of the app. This includes the most needed flows and added features when doing the wireframes, especially UIs

Chorz user flow
User flow

Wireframing the ideas

After finalizing the user flow, identify the main pages and start wireframing them. I shared them with the client and discussed what I’ve done and why I’ve done certain things because I wanted to get approval before moving into UIs. There were multiple iterations with minor changes, which he wanted to add after seeing the wireframes. Except for those, the rest was all good.

UI screens

When designing high-fidelity user interfaces, I had to figure out a proper color palette for this app. I tried a couple of color variations based on my experience with different color combinations on various application types. Finally, the client wanted a greenish look with minimal feeling. I could finish the screens with minimal iterations using the wireframes I’ve done.

Chorz app onboarding screens
Onboarding screen on user side

App create account process
Create account screens

Find a service provider
Find a service provider

Service provider create account flow
Create account screens in service provider side


This was more of a kick-start project of the client where he wanted to get a more professional set of UIs for his project, so that I couldn’t measure the actual impact of this product. However, Working on this concept with a given timeline was challenging. Thank you for reading through! I hope you enjoyed learning about my design and thought process. :)

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